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Are you a Womenpreneur?


Here’s some good news, you are not alone

And here’s some even better news: you have the power to alleviate 
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and bring more peace, calm, and happiness into your life.


Find out how in my free online Masterclass:
The S.T.R.E.S.S Alleviator System

6 Simple Steps to Alleviating Stress


Through the strategies you will learn in this webinar you’ll 

♥feel lighter in mind body and soul
♥feel calmer in everyday situations
♥become more relaxed
♥be more prepared for life’s challenges
♥understand yourself and your emotional needs better
be able to confidently identify where you need to make changes in your life (and how to make them)

This masterclass will teach you how to move out of your

current mindset and intentionally cultivate a

stress-free, emotionally intelligent lifestyle.

Knowing how to recognize, regulate, and change your emotions from feelings of stress and
anxiety to motivation and confidence is one of the most powerful strategies in your self-care toolkit.
As a holistic counselor, transformational coach, founder of the HeartACT Approach™ and
creator of HeartACT Approach Theatrapy™, I’m equipped to meet you where you
currently are and work with you to develop emotional skills that will serve you for life. 

You deserve peace and calmness. A healthy mindset makes you a better partner,
a better 
parent, a better friend, and most importantly, a better YOU

I have been working with Debbie for just over a year and in that time myself, my partner and my close friends have seen a significant improvement in the way that I handle myself. Not only have I gained confidence, I am better at handling my emotions, I am able to speak up for myself , I am able to make better choices and be more in control of my life and have massively improved my emotional resilience and therefore am so much better equipped to deal with any stressful or unwanted situation, event or individual that comes along to knock me as you sometimes get in life. –S. Horne

Debbie is a Global Emotions Therapist, Transformation Coach & Holistic Counsellor who guides, empowers, and inspires professional women (and others) to take back their control so that they have courage to live life on their own terms. So that they can reach their full potential and the life they desire and deserve. She has years of experience guiding others away from overburdening stress, anxiety, depression, and overwhelm, to a life where peace, calm, and relaxation are at the forefront of everything you do. A life where you can step out each day with the ability to deal with whatever life brings your way with an ease and resilience that keeps you in control at all times.

Debbie’s areas of expertise:
♥Emotional Resilience Builder
♥Transformational Coach
♥Holistic Counsellor
♥Founder of The HeartACT Approach™
♥Creator of HeartACT Approach Theatrapy™
♥Suicide Prevention Advocate
♥Mental Health Advocate
♥HeartMath™ Coach
♥Founder of the Freedom to Be Move

Meet some of the women that Debbie has supported in their own emotions transformation.

Since working with Debbie my life has been transformed. I have built up tools and techniques to use and I can recognize and differentiate what I do not need in my life. I have learnt that I am in control of how things impact my health and day to day life. I have learnt how to control my emotions better and things that used to get to me don’t do as much anymore and I am better able to handle them. -S. Rowland

Debbie is the real deal, forget the other “life coaches” and famous personal development gurus: she is truly compassionate and empathic, a great listener, she gives a strategic framework to implement real and impactful changes both on a personal and professional level. I cannot recommend her enough, having coaching sessions with her is one of the best decisions I took so far this year! Get in touch with Debbie if like me you feel you need to find your focus and get back on track. – P. De Giovanni

Debbie was my saviour, she reminds me of the positive things in my life, that I am in control and that I should never surrender my power to people, who try to belittle me. She really has made me think about how I approach my life, my goals and my whole way of thinking. What she made me realise is that I need to acknowledge that I have an inner strength that had gotten me this far in life and it can push me further. All my life I have looked back. Thanks to Debbie, I am starting to look forward. I am so unbelievably grateful to her. Life is too short to surround yourself with negative energy and Debbie is definitely the positive energy I needed in my life. – A. Rutter

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