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sasha ****************



I was going to message you later it was on my to do list lol. Honestly I can not thank you enough, it really has helped so much. I feel so much calmer in control and just generally good and in such a better place to what I was. I would recommend anyone struggling to speak to you!  I’ve really got into my walking as well, since the start of January I’ve walked so far, a total of 84 miles and on one day I did 16.5 miles which beat my personal best by 2 miles. If I hadn’t spoken to you and gained more confidence I wouldn’t be going out that much so speaking with you really has helped.

Kind regards

A Khan <a***********>

Deb <deborah.mcIntosh***********>

Hi Debbie,

Just this morning I was doing some work around the lessons you taught me. My 3 main challenges – social anxiety, helplessness, self doubt, additional: uncertainty of future, low mood, despite making a lot of progress in my emotional being the past few years I still wasn’t able to put my internals back together. A few phrases from you resonate in my brain all the time. Don’t be so hard on yourself, they don’t know what you’re going to say and give yourself some credit, I reworded this from pat yourself on the back. For me, you went above and beyond your remit to help me get out of my rut. I was not expecting much before our calls, but you delivered much more than what you were assigned to do. I have previously invested in Tony Robbins and CBT. You then came in and helped me fix/highlight/address the core issues. This has now given me the comfort and confidence to rebuild. Anyone reaching out to you has to be honest and trust you in order to do what you do best. When we spoke I was at my whit’s end and had given up on anyone being able to help me, this allowed me to just dump everything on you, with which you were truly able to help me. Thank you 

A Khan from Oxford.


To deborah.mcI************

Hi Debbie

Facing every day and simply just not wanting to be here. The feeling of dread anxiety and just not coping with the loss of my husband. and the guilt of knowing my family needed me.Talking has helped me to deal with each day as it comes albeit some days are harder than others, and breathing exercise to help with my anxiety. You have helped me to face challenges in my life I never dreamed I would have to face. Talking, sharing my thoughts and worrying about anxiety issues does alleviate some of the sadness  I carry. I recommend if you are thinking about reaching out to Debbie, go for it. Therapy with Debbie for me, has helped me deal with each day as it comes.

Kind regards

Judy Hall

          ♥ I share with you the simple strategy that allows you to easily self regulate meaning you can spend less time in                 your heightened anxious state

         ♥ You will discover how you can be anywhere with anyone and engage in this strategy so that you have a go to                   way of overcoming the stressful situation you find yourself in.

         ♥ I reveal how your hormones play a part in your anxiety meaning you can have the knowledge to control it

         ♥ You will be given access to our PRIVATE MASTERCLASS MEMBERS ONLY Facebook Group. Along with everyone                 else taking part in the Masterclass

        Everyday I will share One Action Item in the Group for You to Complete and Post in the Comments How You Got On.

        Each task can be completed in just 30 minutes and I will be on hand to Answer any Questions you may have

        You will be in a community of like minded women, so please share you questions as you maybe helping another            student as well as yourself.

        You may also meet some great people to connect with.

Debbie is the real deal, forget the other “life coaches” and famous personal development gurus: she is truly compassionate and empathic, a great listener she gives a strategic framework to implement real and impactful changes both on a personal and professional level. I cannot recommend her enough, having coaching sessions with her is one of the best decisions I took so far this year! Get in touch with Debbie if like me you feel you need to find your focus and get back on track.

Paola De Giovanni

Meanmagenta Photography

The sessions were brilliant and flexible with timings, they met my needs with the flexibility side of things and the lack of pressure gave me a sense that I was in control of what was discussed. From first starting the sessions with Debbie I have built up tools and techniques to use as and when needed with situations that can have a negative impact on me. I can also recognise and differentiate what I do not need in my life and I have learnt that I am in control of how things impact my health and day to day life. I highly recommend Debbie, I can honestly say I don’t think I would be where I am today without the guidance, help and support I received from Debbie, truly inspirational, helpful and approachable. Thank you so much for everything Debbie.



I reached out to Debbie for support when I was having some health problems. Debbie was my saviour, as not only did she organise an eating regime, but also she gave me hope. That might sound dramatic, but I had seen so many doctors, specialists and consultants, none of whom were able to advise me on what to eat/avoid, etc. What was so great about talking to Debbie was that she did not just deal with the superficial, she also really helped me to address some deeper issues. She listened, and then helped me to see that old feelings were resurfacing, due to the association with food. Never once did I feel judged, only supported. Debbie is always such an incredibly positive person. She made me realise that I can move forward, I am in control and that I should never surrender my power to people, who try to belittle me. Life is too short to surround yourself with negative energy and Debbie is definitely the positive energy I needed in my life. Thank you, Debbie. I could not do it without you. 


Hi nice to meet you. Over the last few years I have transformed the lives of many men and women by guiding, inspiring and empowering them to move out of their darkened state of stress, anxiety and depression so that they could step into their own control to make their own choices.

Building your resilienece not for you?

Not sure exactly what you want out of life or where you want your life to go

Or maybe you are just looking for a new direction in life instead of just plodding along

Then this Masterclass is for you. It’s a starting point to show you what life could be like for you.

It’s my 5 day  Emotional Resilience Building Masterclass running from Monday to Friday 15th to 19th February where you will all be doing it live together

Plus I will be in the group everyday to help you along the way. making sure you get the most from taking part.

What’s stopping you from taking part and being active in something that has the potential to transform your life.

This challenge is all about implementation and engagement in the private group so that we all get the maximum benefits out of it.

I’ll be giving 100% and I expect you to do the same, we will be rewarding the most engaged and removing those who don’t – You up for the challenge?