Resilience Accelerator

Discover A Simple 9 Step Solution To Getting Your Life in Sync and Removing Your Overpowering Anxiety and Stress Without the Constant Negative Thoughts Taking Over

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Do Any of These Resonate?

Constantly living in an anxious state

Mind in turmoil

Life Stuck in a darkened place and there seems no way out.


I feel your pain. I felt like that, but what I found on my own transformational journey having conquered Clinical Depression and 3 failures at Suicide, i could further transform my dark days by implementing this 9 Step solution, I could get unstuck from the darkness, meaning I could move forward towards the life I truly wanted to live and I am now living every day.


This all lead to the creation of HeartACT Resilience Accelerator

What Is HeartACT Resilience Accelerator All About?

HeartACT Resilience Accelerator is a Heart Based, Science-backed Transformational Approach aimed at those people looking for a solution to quietening their minds of anxieties, stresses and overwhelm in their lives, so that they can live a healthy happy and stress reduced life without all the inner turmoil. 

Build Resilience, meaning you can have the inner energy to fulfil your ideal life. Never again feel lost, stuck and alone so that you can step into being the person you always wanted to be. Wake up every morning feeling revived and ready to live every moment doing what you love to do, meaning you feel happy and at peace with yourself.

This isn’t like any other programme you’ve seen or experienced before.

I’m sure you are sitting there thinking I’ve heard it all before and wondering how this transformation could be any different from anything else out there.

Well let me share with you ………………

HeartACT Resilience Accelerator is like no other programme out there. Not only is it designed specifically for anxiety challenged individuals, based on my experience, most programmes out there will leave you……

  • Confused and Overwhelmed
  • Repeating the same old negative patterns
  • Finding yourself falling back down following their program because it simply wasn’t sustainable and made adaptable to suit you as the unique individual you are. 

The HeartACT Resilience Accelerator is about empowering you with the tools you need to live a healthy, happy and sustainable inner energy powered life.

HeartACT Resilience Accelerator helps you by……..


♥ Getting a more balanced mind body and heart. No more rebounding to where you started 6 weeks from now. This is all about creating more resilience to fulfil a happy sustainable lifestyle

♥ Simple easy to follow techniques. Not only will you learn how to transform your feelings and emotions, I am going to give you all the tools you will need to sustain your new found mind body and heart

♥ Unbreakable confidence and self esteem in a more centred mind. When you feel confident about your thoughts and actions, you are more likely to be more confident in other areas of your life, your career, relationships, finances – Everything will begin to become much clearer.

♥ Huge surge in energy levels when your inner battery is fully charged and all domains of resilience are in coherence you will have a new lease of life you never thought possible.

♥ Clear focus and concentration. Your new found resilience will equip you with a more positive mental attitude to make the changes you want to see in your life and be empowered to reach your full potential.

What You Will Know By The End Of This Accelerator


How To Turn Down The Volume On Your Anxiety & Stress

How To Build and Strengthen Your Resilience so that You can Prepare, Recover and Adapt to any Given Situation.


How To Communicate Your Feelings Better So You Can Transform Your Life To Feeling Alive

What’s Involved?

We’ve broken up the program into specific training and resilience phases.


1:2:1 Establishing current self call

Introduction to Resilience – this will give you a better understanding of your inner battery and how you can build and strengthen resilience through energy management skills

How to use the Inner Balance technology

Next we establish how you can gain a better coherence to be fully resilient in the four main areas of your physiology and psychology

We then take you through the steps to have more positive discussions and better communication in all areas of your life.

Finally we bring it all together for you to sustain the new changes you have begun to make in your life


What you get ……..

6 weeks of science backed energy skills management training.

My 7 years experience of Holistic Counselling which includes Heartmath Coaching and Resilience Strengthening Consultancy

My 15 years of Life Transformation experiences

The full Energy Management Skills Program

15 years knowledge of the relationship between the heart and the brain



FREE My HeartACT Resilience Building Toolkit (Worth $33)

FREE Inner Balance Technology (Worth $159)

FREE The Building Personal Resilience Guide – Your go to reference for sustainability (Worth $15)

Here is what recent clients had to say about their experience……..


Debbie is the real deal, forget the other “life coaches” and famous personal development gurus: she is truly compassionate and empathic, a great listener she gives a strategic framework to implement real and impactful changes both on a personal and professional level. I cannot recommend her enough, having coaching sessions with her is one of the best decisions I took so far this year! Get in touch with Debbie if like me you feel you need to find your focus and get back on track.

Paola De Giovanni Derbyshire

The sessions were brilliant and flexible with timings, they met my needs with the flexibility side of things and the lack of pressure gave me a sense that I was in control of what was discussed. From first starting the sessions with Debbie I have built up tools and techniques to use as and when needed with situations that can have a negative impact on me. I can also recognise and differentiate what I do not need in my life and I have learnt that I am in control of how things impact my health and day to day life. I highly recommend Debbie, I can honestly say I don’t think I would be where I am today without the guidance, help and support I received from you, truly inspirational, helpful and approachable. Thank you so much for everything Debbie. 

Shannon Warrington

For me, you went above and beyond your remit to help me get out of my rut. I was not expecting much before our calls, but you delivered much more than what you were assigned to do. I can say this because, working with and influencing people has been my primary career area for the past 12 years. In addition to the above comment, I have previously invested significant amounts of money in Tony Robbins coaching programmes, and in the past few years I have been through CBT, therapy and a lot of internal analysis. You then came in and helped me fix/highlight/address the core issues. This has now given me the comfort and confidence to rebuild.

A Khan Oxford


Incredible Value

This 6 week group programme gives you………..

Weekly 90 minutes group training sessions

Weekly 60 minutes Q&A sessions

24/7 access to Messenger

24/7 access to Private Facebook Group

1:1 call at start of program

1:1 call at end of program

Weekly Work Books to keep you on track

This for the fabulous Investment of only


(Payment Plan available) 

Secure Your Place

If all this did for you was……..

a. Finally help you to stay calm in any situation – would this be worth it?

b. Gave you clarity on where your life was going  – would it be worth it?

c. Gave you the tools, techniques and strategies you need to sustain a resilient life- would it be worth it?



And because I am so confident this science backed program will begin to transform your life I am going to guarantee your success.

Put simply, I won’t let you fail. I will be by your side every step of the way, guiding and inspiring you to succeed

I am so confident you will build and strengthen your resilience when you put into practice what you learn – 

That I give you a 60 Day no questions asked money back guarantee

If not will you encounter further health issues down the line?

Will you still be stuck in the same state 6 months from now?