Emotional Resilience Accelerator

Discover A Simple 9 Step Solution To Getting Your Life in Sync and Removing Your Overpowering Anxiety and Stress Without the Constant Negative Thoughts Taking Over


Do Any of These Resonate?

I feel your pain. I felt like that, but what I found on my own transformational journey having conquered Clinical Depression and 3 failures at Suicide, i could further transform my dark days by implementing this 9 Step solution, I could get unstuck from the darkness, meaning I could move forward towards the life I truly wanted to live and I am now living every day.

This all lead to the creation of HeartACT Resilience Accelerator

What Is HeartACT Resilience Accelerator All About?

HeartACT Resilience Accelerator is a Heart Based, Science-backed Transformational Approach aimed at those people looking for a solution to quietening their minds of anxieties, stresses and overwhelm in their lives, so that they can live a healthy happy and stress reduced life without all the inner turmoil. 

Build Resilience, meaning you can have the inner energy to fulfil your ideal life. Never again feel lost, stuck and alone so that you can step into being the person you always wanted to be. Wake up every morning feeling revived and ready to live every moment doing what you love to do, meaning you feel happy and at peace with yourself.

This isn’t like any other programme you’ve seen or experienced before.

I’m sure you are sitting there thinking I’ve heard it all before and wondering how this transformation could be any different from anything else out there.

Well let me share with you ……… HeartACT Resilience Accelerator is like no other programme out there. Not only is it designed specifically for anxious, stressed and/or depressed, challenged individuals, based on my experience, most programmes out there will leave you…

  • Confused and Overwhelmed
  • Repeating the same old negative patterns
  • Finding yourself falling back down following their program because it simply wasn’t sustainable and made adaptable to suit you as the unique individual you are

The HeartACT Resilience Accelerator is about empowering you with the tools you need to live a healthy, happy and sustainable inner energy powered life and incorporates access to the 12 Pillars of Emotional Resilience

HeartACT Resilience Accelerator helps you by.........

What You Will Know By The End Of This Accelerator

How To Turn Down The Volume On Your Anxiety & Stress

How To Build and Strengthen Your Resilience so that You can Prepare, Recover and Adapt to any Given Situation.

How To Communicate Your Feelings Better So You Can Transform Your Life To Feeling Alive

What’s Involved?

We’ve broken up the program into specific training and resilience phases.

Bringing in new emotions and feelings to change one state of mind as well as building and strengthening your resilience begins with understanding of where you currently are, what your challenges and struggles are and what feelings and emotions are attached to them and what resilience means to you. Then it means take the right actions to change them. Here’s what the process gets you to do:

Understanding what resilience means

We examine your understanding of resilience and what energy management has to do with it. Through the lens of your stress, challenges, resilience and performance and get to understand the relevance of your inner battery resource and how this guides you to handle your daily challenges

Making building and strengthening resilience a priority

We examine when in the day your resilience is low and subsequently establish why it is low and what is needed to build and strengthen it so that you can function at a much higher level and begin to find it easier to deal with your daily challenges

Understanding what drains your energy and what renews it

We carry out two exercises that show you how your feelings and emotions are triggered by situations and life dynamics. These exercises show you those situations that drain you of your energy and those that renew your energy giving you a better understanding of where your needs for change lie.

Mapping your emotions to understand yourself better

By mapping your emotions, you further enhance your knowledge of your triggers and how you can use energy management skills to change the landscape of your feelings and emotions so that you can bring more peace and calm into your life at any given moment. You will learn science backed strategies that with practice will allow you to self regulate quicker meaning you come down from your anxious, stressful state quicker and enter them less often.

Acknowledging and Implementing the 12 Pillars of Emotional Resilience

They are called pillars, because our life is built on foundations. Without the right foundations, we are likely to crack, crumble and fall. We go through each of the pillars and see where they sit in your own foundations. These pillars will show you how you can build and strengthen your own emotional resilience when you take action upon them.

Strategies for Building and Sustaining Resilience

To build, strengthen and sustain resilience you need to have an awareness of when your energy is being drained. It is essential that you are able to plug your energy drains throughout the day to avoid depletion. Learning the skills to start Prepping, shifting and resetting, and sustaining your resilience and composure will set you up for successful coherence because you will be able to take charge of your emotions which in turn will help you take charge of your thoughts to be better equipped to handle water ever comes your way.

Deepening Coherence

When you are able to stay ahead of your stress, you are able to achieve a greater state of Coherence. This is the optimal state in which an individual functions. It is the key to building your capacity for resilience. Deepening your Coherence allows you to create a new baseline of resilience. You will learn how creating renewing emotions creates your amount of coherence and how negative emotions are costly and ineffective towards your resilience capacity.

Communicating Effectively

Ineffective and inefficient communication is one of the biggest causes of stress and has a negative effect on your inner energy. Challenging situations can make it difficult to make effective decisions and these decisions are often made without the amount of information required to have the positive effect you are looking for. By making decisions from an emotionally balanced standpoint, allows you to achieve the best of outcomes. When you establish effective communication it has a positive effect on your relationships with others. Far too often you can be misunderstood or misunderstand another due to the internal noise of reactive emotions caused by a lack of coherent listening and communication. Being a good communicator will lift your energy levels and diminish your stress levels.

Become a master of Emotional Resilience Building

As the saying goes, ‘practice makes perfect’. You will often find yourself in stressful situations where resilience is needed. The good news is, we will implementation proven science backed techniques to rev up you emotional resilience which are simple but effective and before long you will be replacing all your negative energy with an inner energy that will see you positively equipped with the resilience and coherence you need to live a less stressed and anxious life, where no matter what comes up for you, you do what is needed to be done and move on with ease and flow.

What you get

PLUS – With your purchase of the Emotional Resilience Accelerator, you receive Two months free membership into the Emotional Resilience Pillars Arena which includes 2 bi-weekly lives with me each month, one Special Topic live, one Q&A live, audios, and transcripts. After the first two trial months, members continue to automatically receive coaching from me at a low monthly fee, unless you tell us otherwise. This program pays off BIG, especially at such an affordable rate. https://heartact.co.uk/membership-account/membership-options/