Alive to Thrive

Step inside the Alive to Thrive Arena

A safe place to eradicate your dread of being controlled by your emotions. A community of like minded people looking for support, guidance, empowerment and encouragement to live life on their own terms.

Is your S.A.D.ness holding you back? Feel like you are glued to your stress, anxiety and depression, with no guidance towards a way out?

Yes, every one of us can live a thriving life – And how can we here in the Alive to Thrive help?

Our paid membership gives you so much…….

Topics that guide and empower you on your transformational journey so that you are equipped to reach your true potential and live the life you desire and deserve. Where happiness, peace, joy and tranquillity rule.

Are you stuck, overwhelmed, stressed, dealing with anxiety, depression, the world so heavy on your shoulders? Like a burden you carry everyday weighing you down. Are you bored from the bedroom to the boardroom? Are you unbalanced in your life? You know you can’t get that work life balance sorted.

Because you see, every one of us has the freedom to choose. To choose the life we want to live, and we can take the chance to make the change to choose that life we want to live and here in the Alive to Thrive Arena we want to give you the opportunities to do just that.


Today you are here in the Alive to Thrive Arena membership area where you can be given support, guidance, and empowerment, to create the life that you want to live, and I am so honoured that you have come across this arena today, to look for what’s on offer for you. There is so much support resources being developed every single day and added to every single month so that you can be guided and empowered.

What you can expect each week, bi-weekly or monthly as a paid member

Come and join to see how we can guide you forward.  This is a continuous Transformational, Emotional Resilience Building Journey and more for as long as you are on a paid subscription

So why not, come and join us here at HeartACT in the Alive to Thrive Arena we would love to have you.


I go live every Monday for 90 minutes to show you ways to take back your control, to begin to live life on your own terms. Information and teaching to guide you on how to overcome your challenges and adversities. Mondays will also be the days I have guests who will be bringing you other guidance topics to support you. (Times may vary so keep a lookout on the site)


There will be a weekly video that varies in guidance content, it may be teaching you a technique, a mediation, an activity, an exercise to empower you to make the changes you are looking for in your life.
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Thursday is all about reflection and your questions and happens Bi-weekly. It also includes the opportunity for you to say what you would like to see on the site that isn’t already here. Yes, Thursday is Reflection and Q&A Live. Submit your questions by midnight BST on the Wednesday and I will answer live on Thursday as well as give you the opportunity to be reflective with your fellow community members. (Times may vary so keep a look out on the site)

Paid members content

Our Free membership

Gives you access to the Wednesday videos and some of the resources such as exercises, handouts, ebooks, pdfs, audios, workbooks, on hand whenever you need them and constantly updated, which will give you the opportunity to take the first steps in changing your current life and taking back control to live life on your own terms. Come and join us, we would love to have you with us. Our Free Membership is located here