HeartACT Approach™

You Spoke! She Listened! How to Move from Out of Control to Taking Back Your Control

Over the past year or so things have been a lot different than we expected 2020-2021 to be. Causing many people to experience thoughts and feelings they have never felt before.

Overwhelm, meltdown, heightened anxiety and stress are all new symptoms for some during Lockdown. For others it has opened the doors to them to realise life’s priorities need to change. What seemed important before doesn’t seem as important now.

For many it has exasperated what they were already going through, which they thought they could handle.

Things are out of control or so they believe!

Does any of the above resonate with you or someone you know? I know it does for those that have spoken with me, so I listened and now I want to introduce you to a way of taking back your control……………

Do Any of These Resonate?

Feeling alone in the clutter of life

Overwhelmed by life’s balancing act

Lost in the sea of emotions

Stressed by burdens of work and life

Weighed down by the enormity

Fear of Failure

Health Suffering

Past trauma keeping You Awake at Night

Life and Emotions Out of Control

Self Limiting Beliefs/Self Sabotaging

Stress, Anxiety, Depression Controlling You

I empathize with you, I feel your pain. I felt the same way unable to flow with a career, home, family and life its self. What I found was that I needed to separate the areas in my life so I could work on them separately to lighten the load and bring them back together aligned with who I truly was before I got lost along the way. This led to the birth of the HeartACT Approach™ A 12 month online transformational journey for those looking to build and strengthen their resilience.  You can too with your own journey through

The HeartACT Approach™

What Is HeartACT Approach™ All About?


Empowering your life, your freedom, and YOU

💜We will work together to rewrite your script, change the direction of your blocks, work through breakdowns and the breakthroughs of new creations of your own character, your life plot, your scenes, the characters in your life, the props that fulfil your life, taking you to the grand finale that reveals…….  

💜That you are filled with confidence, have better self awareness, self acceptance, clearer beliefs, more control, and feel valued and free from stress, anxiety, depression, overwhelm, meltdown and the negative emotions that are holding you back.  So that you can be the person you were meant to be living in love, peace and happiness.

💜Stepping out as your own leading lady shining in the spotlight


Are you ready to step out as the true you?

💜This 12 month transformation has you working with me on a 1:2:1 journey online where we go deep into your own theaterapy foundations to build and strengthen your resilience so that you can step out as your true self in all areas of your life, 

 💜Stage by stage with bespoke directions from the Theaterapy Life Script for you to find your purpose, passion, power and control. 

 💜Where you will be empowered inspired and guided to take back your control and live life on your own terms so that you live a life of balance, peace and vitality.  

 💜During the HeartACT Approach Theaterapy Life Script you will get access to the marriage of holistic strategies with essence and inspiration of the theatrical world so you can step out into the spotlight as your own leading lady living the life you choose to live. 

 💜The life you desire and deserve where peace, harmony, balance and optimum resilience take centre stage in your life.

Where you are equipped to……


The sessions were brilliant and flexible with timings, they met my needs with the flexibility side of things and the lack of pressure gave me a sense that I was in control of what was discussed.

From first starting the sessions with Debbie I have built up tools and techniques to use as and when needed with situations that can have a negative impact on me. I can also recognise and differentiate what I do not need in my life and I have learnt that I am in control of how things impact my health and day to day life.

I highly recommend Debbie, I can honestly say I don’t think I would be where I am today without the guidance, help and support I received from Debbie, truly inspirational, helpful and approachable. Thank you so much for everything Debbie.


Debbie is the real deal, forget the other “life coaches” and famous personal development gurus: she is truly compassionate and empathic, a great listener she gives a strategic framework to implement real and impactful changes both on a personal and professional level. 

I cannot recommend her enough, having coaching sessions with her is one of the best decisions I took so far this year! 

Get in touch with Debbie if like me you feel you need to find your focus and get back on track.

Paola De Giovanni

Meanmagenta Photography

Debbie was my saviour, she reminds me of the positive things in my life, that I am in control and that I should never surrender my power to people, who try to belittle me.

She really has made me think about how I approach my life, my goals and my whole way of thinking. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not here to tell you that “I’m cured” or that Debbie gave me a ‘miracle pill’. What she made me realise is that there is no ‘miracle pill’. I don’t need it. Instead, I need to acknowledge that I have an inner strength that had goten me this far in life and it can push me further. 

Whenever I feel a bit low or something happens at work/in my life that perhaps did not go according to plan, I try not to panic now. I try to think about what I call ‘WWDD’: What would Debbie do? All my life I have looked back. Thanks to Debbie, I am starting to look forward. 

I am so unbelievably grateful to her. Life is too short to surround yourself with negative energy and Debbie is definitely the positive energy I needed in my life. Thank you, Debbie. I could not do it without you.


There are 3 stages you can work on in the HeartACT Approach™

💜The 3 months Introduction to the Theatrapy Life Script $3333

💜The 6 months Creation and Development of the Theatrapy Life Script $6666

💜The 12 months Transformation of your Own HeartACT Approach™  Theatrapy Life Script™  $9999

Places are limited and the stage door closes on 1st June 

Life is not a rehearsal! 

There are no auditions!

Let’s get the dialogue going on your…….

HeartACT Approach™ Theatrapy Life Script ™ ere

💜Let the transformations begin….

Now is the time for you to take back your control

and live life on your own terms!