Emotional freedom is our birthright

Emotional Freedom is not a privilege,
it’s a natural birthright.

Dear beautiful woman….
Emotional Trauma doesn’t care how much money you’ve got, where you live or what you look like.
It will take up residence in your beautiful heart at some point in your life and wreak havoc on your beautiful destiny. 
Hi, I’m Debbie Debonaire and I know what havoc looks like; it almost cost me my life three times.
I help women quietly aching with stress, anxiety, depression or life-fatigue, and help them transform the emotional rollercoaster of their personal story so that they can start to speak a new self-empowered, joy-filled reality into being every day. 

Three is a big deal for me.

It’s the number of times I shouldn’t have come around after attempting suicide.
It’s the number of times life showed me I had big work to do.
Thank goodness I did, because you’re here today seeking answers, which I have.
Let’s start changing the story together, my friend.


A Practice

A 12 week self study meditation experience to support you to build and strengthen your emotional resilience so that you can bring more happiness into your life

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A Movement

A 6 week group program for Dissolving adverse repeating life patterns. Favouring life-balance, peace and vitality  

For A Feelings-First Lifestyle

Only £499

A Way

   A 6 Month radical Reality-Shifting        process for those wishing their                      life was different                     

 Overcome Past and Present Trauma

               Minimum 6 months                              Only £499 per month

Women hold the pain of ages.
Women know the pain of creating life.
Women feel the wounds of humanity.

Our hearts, minds and bodies have been designed to face, absorb, cope with, integrate and tolerate the suffering of others since time began. 
It’s just what women do – to our peril and the detriment of our kin.
Life IS painful and women deal with it by internalising and silence.
Over time, we know only too well what that looks like…
But time has begun again. 
Our time, your time. Humanity’s time.
Women everywhere are called to transcend the ancestral and cultural patterns in the workplace, the community, inside the secret world of our homes, and inside the sacred world of our minds, hearts and bodies.
It is a new time.


My Mission is to share my story of overcoming multiple emotional domestic abuse and surviving a life of attempted suicide 3 times so that I can be a voice for radical change in women’s empowerment. I’m called to gather the women who live heartbreak as their normal, and guide them to freedom with my unique Theatrapy™ (pronounced Thee-a-tra-py) a unique approach that allows women to heal past pain and re-enact their lives as they desire!


My Vision is to reach a million women (and men too!) and offer them the tools to become empowered and resilient not just from trauma, but emotionally optimised to thrive in today’s increasingly perturbed world, where trauma is normal! 
Emotional health is linked to mental health and all its victims that are not someplace else, but all around us in our daily lives. So my vision is to change the paradigm of mental health.

My Values

I believe that women (and men too!) should not have to go through life tolerating the intolerable. The tools and science exist to enable people everywhere to take back control of their destiny by knowing and using the magical and proven powers of the heart-mind connection. I stand for putting these tools into the hands of as many people as possible

A stage is not just for entertainment

It’s to witness a moment in time, an event, a happening, an idea, a human story. And it’s a place to focus our attention on how we act in the world as a result of the stories we’ve lived. It’s also an amazing place to change those stories, the narratives and the drama – anyone willing to get out of the shadows and into their own spotlight, can do it. 

The Heart is our producer but also our witness.

The Heart holds, unfolds and beholds – the ultimate sacred space for us to undo the plots and conspiracies we unknowingly became part of.
And re-write the script of our best lives – our blockbuster movie – our starring role.

Theatre is the heart of HEARTACT™

and my unique approach allows my students and clients to claim that starring role and make it the best part of their lives. In Theatrapy, there is healing but not gloom. 
We aim for new beginnings and happy endings.
From corporate members to entrepreneurs, from mums to creatives, from any level in society, theatre and Theatrapyhave the power to resolve challenge, confusion and conflict.

The environment and safe setting of a stage where the only public is you, extends a glittering invitation to a personal transformation gala.

Within HeartACTare multiple modalities drawn from my 9+ years counselling, coaching, professionally advising, and lived life experiences

These modalities have been created from experience but also from mighty research projects such as the HeartMath Institute. The Heart – Brain Relationship. The marriage of Holistic Strategies with the essence and inspiration of the Theatrical World

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